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Introduction to BigCommerce Store Customization: Basic Setup Guide

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to build and
customize their online stores. In this tutorial, part of the "Introduction
to BigCommerce Store Customization" series, we will guide you through the
basic setup process of a BigCommerce store.

Overview of the basic BigCommerce store setup process
1. Creating a BigCommerce Account:
  • Visit the BigCommerce website ( and click on"Start Your Free Trial."

  • Enter your email address, password, and store name to create an account.

  • Choose a plan based on your business needs and budget.

  • Provide additional details about your store, such as business type, annual revenue, and products you sell.

  • Review and  accept the terms and conditions, then click "Create My Store."

2. Setting up Store Details:
  • After account creation, you'll be directed to the Store Setup Wizard.

  • Enter essential information, including store name, address, and contact details.

  • Select your industry and category to customize your store's design and layout.

  • Configure your store's currency, units of measurement, and time zone.

  • Customize the welcome message and logo to create a personalized shopping experience.

3. Adding Products:
  • Before launching, add products to your store.

  • Click on the "Products" tab in the sidebar menu.

  • Click "Add" to create a new product.

  • Enter product details, such as name, description, price, and SKU.

  • Upload high-quality product images to showcase your products.

  • Configure inventory, shipping, and tax settings for each product.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 152607.png

4. Configuring Payment and Shipping Methods:
  • BigCommerce offers various payment gateways for smooth transactions.

  • Navigate to  "Payment Settings" in your BigCommerce dashboard.

  • Select your  preferred payment gateway and follow the setup instructions.

  • Test the  payment gateway to ensure it works correctly.

  • Go to the "Shipping" section to configure shipping methods.

  • Set up shipping  zones, rates, and options based on customer locations and preferences.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 152749.png
5.  Customizing the Store's Design:
  • BigCommerce provides multiple themes and templates.

  • Explore themes by going to the "Design" section.

  • Browse and select a theme that suits your brand and products.

  • Customize the theme's colors, fonts, and layout.

  • Add your  store's logo and banners to create a cohesive brand identity.

  • Preview changes  and make adjustments as needed.

6.  Launching Your Store:
  • Thoroughly test your store's functionality and appearance before launching.

  • Use the  "Preview" option to see how your store looks to customers.

  • Go through the  buying process as a customer to ensure everything works.

  • Make necessary  revisions or updates to products, payment methods, or design.

  • When satisfied,  click "Launch" to make your store accessible to the public.

Exploring different customization options available

One of the key aspects of running a successful online store is having a visually appealing and
unique design that captures the attention of your customers. In this guide we will explore the
different customization options available in the BigCommerce platform, enabling you to
personalize your store according to your brand's identity and goals.

1. Theme Customization:
  • BigCommerce offers a wide range of pre-designed themes that can serve as a starting
    point for your store's customization. These themes are fully customizable and can be
    modified to match your brand's aesthetics.

  • To access the theme customization options, navigate to your BigCommerce dashboard
    and click on "Storefront" and then "My Themes." From here, you can select the theme
    you wish to customize or upload a new one.

  • Within the theme editor, you can make changes to various elements such as colors, fonts,
    header layout, footer design, and more. The preview pane allows you to see the changes
    in real-time, giving you the flexibility to experiment until you achieve the desired look
    and feel.

image (1).png
2. Homepage Customization:
  • The homepage is the first point of contact for your customers, and it is essential to make a
    strong impression. Fortunately, BigCommerce provides several tools for customizing
    your homepage.

  • A prominent feature is the ability to create and edit banners and sliders. These tools allow
    you to showcase your products, promotions, and any other information you want to

  • Additionally, you can rearrange the layout of your homepage by utilizing drag-and-drop
    functionality. This enables you to position various sections, such as featured products,
    best sellers, or testimonials, to suit your marketing strategy.

  • BigCommerce also supports the integration of custom HTML and CSS codes, giving you
    the freedom to implement advanced customization options beyond the built-in features.

image (8).png
Product Page Customization:
  • The product page plays a crucial role in converting visitors into customers. With
    BigCommerce, customizing your product pages is a breeze..

  • You can modify the product image gallery, description layout, pricing display, and any
    other aspect that enhances the user experience.

  • Furthermore, you can incorporate product reviews, add-to-cart buttons, related products,
    and social sharing options to increase engagement and boost conversions.

  • To maximize the effectiveness of your product pages, experiment with A/B testing to
    determine which elements resonate best with your target audience.

Checkout Page Customization:
  • A seamless and visually appealing checkout process is essential for reducing cart
    abandonment rates. BigCommerce allows you to customize various aspects of your
    checkout page to enhance the user experience.

  • You can control the layout, colors, and fonts to align with your brand. Additionally, you
    can enable guest checkout and offer multiple payment options to provide a convenient
    and trustworthy experience for your customers.

  • It is crucial to streamline the checkout process, minimizing distractions and ensuring
    clarity of information. By doing so, you can enhance customer trust and improve overall
    conversion rates.

Mobile Optimization:
  • In todays mobile-dominated world, having a responsive and mobile-friendly website is
    crucial. BigCommerce offers mobile optimization features that allow you to customize
    the appearance and functionality of your store on mobile devices.

  • With the mobile editor, you can adjust the layout, font sizes, and other elements
    specifically for mobile users. This ensures a seamless shopping experience, regardless of
    the device your customers are using.

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